Why you should be going through Mondial Changeto hedge your FX risk

When you pay invoices or receive funds from clients or subsidiaries and these funds are denominated in foreign currencies, you are naturally exposed to foreign exchange risk.

Our risk coverage solutions are a very simple way for you to protect your trading margins from fluctuating exchange rates. By blocking an exchange rate in advance, you gain better visibility into your future cash flows and you lock in your budget rate.

Our risk team works by your side to study the nature of your flows and takes the time to analyse in detail the distinctive features of your business, so that we can offer you flexible, bespoke solutions that are tailored to your requirements, by finding the best possible combination of the instruments we offer.

You can cover your exchange risk for over 130 currencies and for maturities ranging from 3 days up to 5 years, using a variety of hedging instruments such as flexible or fixed-term forward contracts.

Our strong points

Possibility of hedging over 75 currencies (including exotic currencies)

No initial guarantee deposit on your forward exchange lines (subject to an examination of your latest financials)

Hedging possibilities for maturities ranging up to 5 years

Centralised management of your hedging operations on the online platform (no need for Excel...)

Possibility of completing your early-exercise operations directly from the online platform

A dedicated contact person with expert knowledge of the markets will provide guidance and support with your strategies

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