Receiving payments in foreign currencieshas never been so easy

The foreign currency accounts we make available are accounts in your name with a unique IBAN.

These accounts are available in over 30 currencies and can be based in France or abroad to suit your operational requirements.

With these accounts, you can offer your customers the option of paying in their local currency. You can then hold the foreign currency received in the account, use it to make payments or convert it at very competitive rates.

These accounts also meet the stipulations laid down by marketplaces such as Amazon or payment systems such as Stripe, which require vendors to own a bank account in the country of the currency in order to be paid in that currency.

Your funds are fully guaranteed and held in segregated accounts. This means they are kept strictly separate from our own funds or those of our partners.

Compatible with all of the main online marketplaces and the main payment systems

Our strong points

Open an account in your name with a personal IBAN in less than 24 hours

Open accounts abroad without needing to have a local physical presence

Get a better return on revenue earned through marketplaces such as Amazon

Your customers can pay you simply and easily in 30 currencies.

No fees for receiving incoming transfers and you can hold foreign currency in your account

Possibility of protecting your revenue from foreign exchange risk

List of countries available, based on the account currency

* We offer you the possibility of receiving payments in currencies other than those listed here, but in accounts that are not nominative. To see a full list of the currencies that can be received at our bank, click here