Why go through Mondial Changefor your international payments

Whether you want to pay a supplier in local currency or receive payments in foreign currencies, international money transfers can soon become complex and costly.

Traditional banks charge commissions on currency exchanges and high transfer fees, and are open to problems with routing, lead times or rejected payments, so do not always offer the most suitable services for managing your international payments.

With Mondial Change, you can collect funds in over 55 currencies and issue payments in over 130 currencies, with the added benefit of reduced transfer fees and very competitive exchange rates.

The online platform offers a simple way of managing all of your operations, as and when it suits you, any time of the day or night.

Our strong points

Very competitive exchange rates (we can reduce the difference between the interbank rate and your customer rate by 30% to 50%)

Reduced transfer fees (from zero up to a maximum of €10, depending on your payment volumes)

Get free multi-currency accounts with your own personal IBAN

Exchange and payment processes are simplified and centralised: the online platform offers paperless management

No ancillary fees: no exchange commission, no account activity charge and no account maintenance fee

Speed of funds transfer, almost anywhere in the world

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