Simplify the management of your international transactionsand gain an effective protection against fluctuating exchange rates.

International payments

Pay your suppliers all over the world or receive payments from customers abroad, with the added benefit of reduced fees and very advantageous exchange rates

FX risk management

Use our risk coverage services to protect your price margins from market volatility by choosing the instrument best suited to your needs

Guidance and market info

Stay abreast of the latest market trends by signing up for our trading room’s proactive, personalised support

Manage all of your operationsthrough a single online platform

Manage all of your operationsthrough a single online platform

Lower costsGreater simplicityMore support to manage your FX transactions

Make payments anywhere in the world in over 130 currencies in record time

Free accounts in your name (with a dedicated IBAN) in over 55 currencies to receive all of your foreign currency payments

Buy and sell currencies using real-time interbank spot rates to be sure of getting the best rates

Centralise management of your hedging operations and complete all of your early-exercise operations online

Instantly add all of your international beneficiaries and enjoy centralised management

Receive instant PDF email confirmation of your operations and automatically notify your beneficiaries


By going through Mondial Change, you can be assured of...

Saving money

Transfer fees range from zero to a maximum of €10

Differential between the interbank rate and your customer rate reduced by 30% to 50%

No other fees are applied

Securely managing your foreign exchange risk

Your dedicated contact person knows your requirements and tells you when prime opportunities come up on the market

A wide range of instruments, including forward contracts, NDFs and foreign currency options

Simplifying processes

Fully online / Paperless

Simplified management of forward contracts, with the possibility of exercising options online

Your dedicated contact is available from 8:30 to 20:00 and quick to respond